My Journey to Spain- The Trip There (Part 1)

I have always had that “travel gene” in me. Ever since I was little, I enjoyed getting on a plane and going to the beach!


In 10th grade i got a chance to go to Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) with my school!



This was a chance of a lifetime and I absolutely wanted to go on this trip! This was the first time I would be out of the country! After learning about this trip, my parents and I sat down to talk about it and they decided I could go!

Fast Forward about 9 months….

The night before I was going to get on a plane and  go to Spain, I was a littler nervous…. Who would’t be? I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was currently sitting in my room packing and 24 hours from now I would be in Barcelona!

The drive to the airport was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. My parents dropped me off, said our goodbyes, and off we went!



We went from PA to JFK. I remember just having like a 6 hour layover and being really….. bored….. we passed the time by wondering around the airport (which is huge). Finally the time came and we loaded the plane we would be in for the next 7.5- 8  hours.  I was ready until I got on the plane. Once on the plane I had a panic attack. Well now we pulled out of the gate and we were really going over the Atlantic Ocean to Spain…. ahhh!!!

That plane ride was not the best one I ever had. I slept probably 2 hours in half hour increments. I am NOT good with little to no sleep so this was a challenge.

We finally landed in Madrid! It was amazing to see a new country! The one thing that got me was that we didn’t get our gate number right away (Here in the US, they have a gate number for you like hours in advance) . I think we only got our gate an hour before we took off!

We settled in to the third plane ride and were ready to go to Barcelona!

Where was the first place you went out of the country?

Stay tuned for my adventure in Barcelona and Madrid!





2 thoughts on “My Journey to Spain- The Trip There (Part 1)

  1. Spain! How exciting. I believe everyone should take the time to travel. You are a lucky girl! Best wishes to you! 🙂


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