My Journey to Spain- Barcelona (Part 2)

Hello Everyone!

I am finally getting back to this after a long time! If you want to see the first part of my trip click here!

After landing in Barcelona, a lot of  worries went through my head. This was the first time being alone A and B being in a completely different country than my parents. For any 10th grader, this would be scary!

But after a nap in our hotel (Did I mention I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before in half hour increments?) I looked at things differently, I felt better about being in Spain, and I was ready to take on Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi

I was not into architecture at all when I went to Spain, but  I came back in love with it! Especially with Antoni Gaudi work! He has some amazing work such as Parque De Guell, and La Sagrada Familia! These were my two favorite places we visited!

Parque De Guell

Parque De Guell is an amazing little park that has amazing color in it! There were two little gingerbread looking houses in there!  I really like this park and all the detail he put into it!


La Sagrada Familia

Speaking of detail, there is a church that they are still building to this day! I think they’re suppose to be done with it in 2024! They have everything from Christ’s birth to his passion. Being a Catholic, I geeked out over this!  We only saw the outside, but I would love to go back and see the inside someday!


The Beach

A really cool thing I though is that as you walk right outside the city, you come upon a beach! The day we spent there was really cool and relaxing! I loved swimming in the Mediterranean Sea! It was so calm and warm!



That is my trip to Barcelona! Tune in next Thursday for my trip to Madrid!


Tell me in the comments, have you ever traveled overseas?

I will  be back Saturday with a beauty post!




2 thoughts on “My Journey to Spain- Barcelona (Part 2)

  1. Nicole this awesome, what an adventure! I’ve never been abroad..let alone, by myself, that takes guts. Well done! Barcelona is on my list of places I would love to visit. Hopefully this year I’ll mske it happen x


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